Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost.

It's really shitty when you think about it, but it's true.

Thanks to my brother for the YouTube link...


vetfromhell said...

Good lord, when did this site go far left? Obviously the fruit voicing this video is with the terrorists.

CharlieDelta said...

Is pointing out the cold-hearted truth of the current police state this country has become since 9/11 and making note of all the freedoms and liberties we have lost with both Dubya and the Kenyan somehow a "far left" position to take? Do you have any arguments to make that prove otherwise?

Is it "far left" to be pissed about watching the militarized Boston Police as they dropped a steamy pile of shit on the 4th Amendment rights of everyone they forced out of their homes at gunpoint?

Is it "far left" to mention how the latest "terrorist" attack has stifled even more of our personal liberties? Doesn't that piss you off vetfromhell? Have you watched the videos? Are you okay with that shit?

Would it bring me back to an acceptable level for you if I just blindly follow the sugar-coated bullshit the government tells me is "keeping me safe" from terrorism or for "public safety?" Fuck man, I fear the police more than I do a few camel jockeys blowing up pressure cookers.

A good percentage of LEOs are bigger terrorists than those two fuckin' ragheads in Boston. LEOs are constantly violating numerous Constitutional rights of Americans sometimes even murder, and they do it with impunity because they have a fuckin' badge and the so-called 'conservative' Republitards stand there and watch and say, "Well, you can't blame them - they're just doing their jobs," or "At least they're keeping us safe from terrorists" or some other bullshit, brain-washed, Sean Hannity far right response.

If you're looking for something more along those lines you ain't gonna get that from me, so if that makes me "far left" then so be it I guess I'm far left.

I really don't give a fuck whether that government boot on my throat is a left one or a right one. I just want it off of my fuckin' throat!

Anonymous said...

And this is why I keep saying that Left-Right is a false paradigm - I mean really, are you going to care if you're living under totalitarian left, or totalitarian right?? It is totalitarian either way!!!

Rights trampled are rights trampled - it is why I identify more with libertarian than conservative, because there's too many conservatives out there that are ok with police state shit like this.

Were I up there with the police carrying on like that, I'd be videotaping all of it, get their badge #s if possible, and sue every last one of them for violating the 4th amendment. There is clear process to suspend posse comatatus and that was NOT followed.

so vetfromhell...where do YOUR allegiances lie? with the constitution, or with those who represent themselves as the ultimate authority?

vetfromhell said...

I believe in this country. Politically I am to the left of Genghis Khan and to the right of Curtis Le May. I am somewhat libertarian, and progressive libs disgust me.

I used to vote for Democrats that were more conservative than the Republicans we have now.

I don't like queers. Why are their rights more important than mine?

I believe in a strong and powerful military. I abhor political correctness. Marines pissing on dead ragheads makes me smile.

I believe Jamet Napolitiano pees standing up and is dumb as a bag of hammers.

Part of me hates the condition of this country yet part of me does not like that video.

I guess I am confused.

I apologize to you CD, bad wording by me.

Best wiahes, thanks for letting me vent.

BG said...

Holy Shit this is going in my sig line. Nice one CD.

I really don't give a fuck whether that government boot on my throat is a left one or a right one. I just want it off of my fuckin' throat!

CharlieDelta said...

"Rights trampled are rights trampled - it is why I identify more with libertarian than conservative, because there's too many conservatives out there that are ok with police state shit like this."

Exactly! That is one of the big reasons why I left the GOP. Not the only reason but one of them. And I won't be back anytime soon because I'm tired of hearing their bullshit about being "conservative" and then voting for unConstitutional legislation like NDAA, anti-2A, and pro-amnesty garbage like the majority of those white-haired motherfuckres do. Libertarians are the only group that I can identify with at this given time or any realistic future.

No worries man. I haven't seen you around here in a long-ass time, but I always enjoyed your comments over at Denny's years ago. Especially the ones ripping apart that frog troll Prospussy. Heh!

I thought you knew where I stood politically because we share the same stance on a lot of issues. Just not all of them. The world would be one boring fucking place if everyone agreed with everyone though. Anyways man, you're welcome to vent here any time. Just don't confuse me with some fuckin' left-wing kook because I despise those motherfuckers to the core.

Anonymous said...

vfh, I despise the outcome just as you do...many of us do.

I love the ideas that founded america. fkn gold, that.

but what it has become is a disappointment - especially the totalitarian groups that have infested the government, from a few ends of the spectrum.

wake me up when they arrest the FBI handler motherfkers that set up boston - there's way too many inconsistencies in the government's story for me to believe that two inept chechen kids did this.

just like there were too many inaccuracies for me to believe the government's story on Newtown, or believe that an AR15 really was on the scene - before the SWAT teams got there, of course.

we the people are being set up and I...ugh, I hate to even say it sure doesnt look all that winnable right now unless the sleeple wake up and smell what's being done to them.

kill your television!

Anonymous said...

You buy this lefist shit?

CharlieDelta said...

What's to buy? What's leftist about it? Care to elaborate? Maybe just a little?

I don't need a YouTube video showing me the police state this country has become to know that we're living in one. That video is for folks like yourself who:
a.) refuse to see it,
b.) can't admit it,
c.) are lying to themselves
d.) all the above
If I was a bettin' man I'd out my money on d.) Either that or you're a jack boot thug yourself who works for the government at some level and enjoy violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens for your paycheck.

It keeps getting worse every time there's another 'terrorist' attack on our soil. Losing more of our liberties and losing more of our rights under any circumstances doesn't sound like a 'win' to me, not at any capacity. Not in the "W.O.T." or anything else.

I was going to add a couple links that would open your eyes maybe, but I've already wasted enough time responding to someone who leaves a comment with no intellectual thought behind it and who hides behind "Anonymous" for a handle.

Follow the herd into the slaughter if you want. That's your business. The buzzards and worms are hungry anyways...

TomR,armed in Texas said...

Some damn good comments here. One thing I don't like is using anonymous instead of an identifying handle. That always makes me tend to disregard a lot of what any anon pens.