Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday F.O.D.

Fuck this shit!
The Obama administration is considering resettling thousands of refugees who left Syria during the country's ongoing civil war to multiple towns and cities across the United States. . . .
What? Rewarding millions of illegal aliens for breaking into our country via amnesty wasn't enough for the RINO's and rat-fuck communist bastards in the zerO administration? Now they want to bring in thousands of third-world, stinkbeard Syrians to drag this country deeper into the abyss? When does this bullshit end?  

I can't help but think maybe I'm just over-reacting to this? I'm sure when it's all said and done they'll assimilate right into our culture and society, they'll work hard and contribute into the system, and make me feel like a total asshole when they prove me wrong just like the Iraqi reFUgees have. Oh wait...
Between 1983 and 2009, the U.S. resettled a total of 76,205 Iraqis. Meanwhile, seventy percent of total refugees in the U.S. were on food stamps in 2009. Within that number, 95 percent of Iraqi refugees were food stamp recipients. Additionally, the report shows an unemployment rate of 46 percent in 2009 among Iraqi refugees.  
And these 7th century dung beetle reFUgees from the middle east breed like rabbits too - unemployed rabbits living large on the backs of the American middle class. Not only do they feast on government cheese, they also spurt out more welfare babies than the democrat voters from Me-hico who illegally "just come here to work" and "do the jobs Americans won't do."
New National Security Advisor Susan Rice and President Obama's nominee for U.N. ambassador Samantha Power are both refugee advocates and will likely push for the resettlement.
No shit! 


CenTexTim said...

That's the last thing we need here - more camel-fucking pedophile-worshiping leeches. Let those other raghead countries take in their own. Saudi Arabia and Iran, to name just two, have plenty of sand dunes where the Syrians would feel right at home.

Detroitistan is full...

angrymike said...

Really like what I you did with the "Fuck Obama" so I stole it, thank you............;)

Fukitol said...

Fuck Rubio

CharlieDelta said...

In almost any other situation I would say "unfuckinbelievable!" after checking out your link, (nice find btw) but that would be wrong; it's actually 100% believable and expected at this point with the inept, incompetent assholes supposedly 'working hard for their constituents.'

But in all honesty, they really are working hard for their constituents; their future ones that is.

From your link and spot fucking on:

"Be sure to visit the Breitbart story with quotes from other clueless Senators, so fixated on the Hispanic vote they haven’t any idea of who else is coming to America.

Just add two more cocksuckers to the ever-growing list that need to be FIRED because of their outright incompetence and deriliction of duty...

CharlieDelta said...

I agree, but I like how Sarah Palin put it

Wish I could take credit for it but I can't. I saw it in Google images which took me here where I swiped it.