Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Only Took Me A Year...

Well I guess more like a little over a year, to buy one that is, after kerrcarto's post that first made me aware of this bitchen functional and practical addition to any Man Cave or any room in any beer drinker's house. It's going to be really bitchen when I finally get into a place where I can have a studio or jam room set up again because cold beer and jam sessions go hand in hand. Until that time the fridge is most likely going to have to live in the garage among my dusty camping gear, couches, tables and other furniture, pots and pans, and the countless boxes of my random shit piled high out there. I don't want this fridge to get all dusty and dirty and fucked up like nice things do from the shenanagens in the garage that go on, but there's no way that I'm not going to plug it into the wall and stock it with beer as soon as it's delivered. That wouldn't be right.

I was going to hold off on buying the Marshall Fridge until I got caught up on my bills and into a new place where I'd surely have the room for it, but last night I tied on a good buzz and just couldn't resist. Typically in a late-night buzzed state of mind is when I do most of my online ordering over-spending and last night was no exception. WTF! Why not? I don't bust my ass working 50-60 hours a week just to bank the money. I wanna enjoy the fruits of my labor while I still can so that's what I try to do, and when I'm rolling on a good buzz like I was last night frugality is the last thing on my mind. Just look at this bitchen refrigerator and check out this beautiful American-made Gibson Les Paul. Fuck frugal!

I didn't notice it the first time around but forgot to include one very important scene in their YouTube video; the scene where Kristen is topless making me a sandwich right before she brings me another cold beer from that badass fridge. Guess it got edited out for some reason. 

Yeah I know, my odds of winning the Les Paul are pretty shitty. It will ultimately be determined by the number of people willing to drop the money for the badass fridge and I'm guessing that at just four-hundo including shipping, there will be scores of names in the drawing. I realize that by telling other people about the drawing I'm certainly not increasing my chances of winning either, but I've never won any raffle or drawing that I've entered ever, so I'm not banking on this one. But how fuggin' cool would that be?

And now, one of my favorite Rush jams of all time: La Villa Strangiato  

Toke 'em if you got 'em...


Anonymous said...

rush kicks ass.

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