Thursday, July 18, 2013

503 Days

Here's an interesting little factoid you'll never see or hear coming from the mouths of President zerO, leaders of the black community race hustlers or the anchors puppets on the nightly news libtard propaganda machine. Fabricated racism is big business for these bottom feeders which is why they avoid truth and the bigger picture of it all like it's the plague.
In 503 Days Between Trayvon Dying and the Zimmerman Trial Verdict, 10,865 Blacks Have Been Murdered by OTHER BLACKS
Facts and truth don't bring in money or airtime for these illegitimate assholes and they lose relevance whenever their big lie gets exposed for what it really is; complete fabricated racist bullshit. So don't expect to hear the race pimps who get rich off of perpetuating racial divide in this country to mention the 10,865 number any time soon.

To satisfy my own curiosity I wanted to see what the numbers looked like for whites murdered by blacks in a year, so I checked out a few sources before I ended up at the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports website. Let's take a look and see what the FBI data shows shall we?

Note: This table reflects murder numbers for the year 2011 and only accounts for murders involving one person murdered by one person, so although it isn't exactly what I was hoping to find, it works for illustrating my point. The FBI numbers for 2012 are listed as preliminary right now, so the table below is the most recent Final Data available from the FBI website at this time.

As you can clearly see from the FBI's Expanded Homicide Table 6 above, the instances of whites being murdered by blacks in single victim/single offender murders is more than double the number of blacks murdered by white "creepy ass crackers."  No, contrary to what the media, the race hustling "reverends" and even the Halfrican in Chief would have us believe if they had their way, white on black violent crime is not rampant in America. If it is, then black on white violent crime has it beat by more than double. 

White racism is not an "epidemic" in the United States, but fabricated racism done by the media and racist blacks sure as hell is...

Fuck 'em all!


Anonymous said...

Want to get really disturbed? Figure in what percentage of the American population are black males.

PeggyU said...

^ Anon beat me to it.

kerrcarto said...

It is about 13% total so I would guess you could cut that in half and be pretty close to the male population. Making it 6.5%.

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