Friday, July 19, 2013

Should Have Just Shot The Guy

The clerk gets in a couple good hits on this asshole with the BB gun trying to rob his store, but he really should have just dropped the dumbass there at the counter. It would have been 100% justified.

The clerk is lucky the piece of shit didn't take his gun away from him.  Someone should let the dude know that a bullet will travel the distance needed inside a little store like that. There is no need to ever get that close to the bad guy. All it does is increase the odds of your bad situation becoming worse. WTF!

Maybe he's seen one too many shitty Steven Segal movies? I don't know, but trying to pull that "tough guy" shit putting the muzzle right up to the bad guy's face could have cost him his own life.

At least he kicks the guy in the ass one last time as he leaves the store, but fat bastard dropping like a bag of potatoes with a gaping exit wound would have been much more enjoyable to watch...

Saw the video HERE

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