Monday, August 12, 2013

95-Year-Old WWII Army Veteran "Armed" With Shoe Horn & Cane Killed By Trigger Happy Cops

This is the kind of shit that really pisses me off every time I hear someone saying, "Give cops a break" or "Don't be so hard on law enforcement, they have a tough job" or "They risk their lives every day for our safety" or "They're just doing their jobs" or any other ignorant bullshit like that. We've been told our entire lives by our parents, our teachers, and of course by the media that cops are these great, noble heroes that we should look up to and admire, and respect. What a crock!
A 95-year-old man who served his country during World War II is now dead after police stormed his retirement home with riot shields, Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.
Whenever you hear some douchebag news anchor try to tell you how much you should respect the police because they have "tough jobs" and they "risk their lives daily" for "our safety" or something ridiculously ignorant like that, know that you are listening to nothing but utter and complete brainwashing bullshit! Maybe at one time being a police officer meant that you had had integrity, nobility and honesty. It meant that you became a cop because you truly wanted to help people while stopping the 'bad guys.' It meant that you were actually worthy of being looked up to as a hero. Well sorry to piss in your Cheerios, but I'm afraid those days are long gone.
On July 26, a doctor reportedly told Wrana if he survived surgery, he would likely be put on life support. The elderly man refused the operation, and paramedics attempted to involuntarily transport him for medical treatment. He was sitting in a chair, holding a cane and a shoe horn when police arrived at the Victory Centre senior living facility located just south of Chicago.
After reading this a few times, I'm still having a hard time finding nobility or heroism in the article.  Maybe you can spot the part where police were helping out this 95-year-old WWII combat Veteran, because I'm just not seeing it. Could someone maybe point out to me where the officers' lives were in danger here? I realize a man nearly a century old was armed to the teeth with his cane and a shoe horn.  Prayers are going out for those poor officers who could have easily been caned to death or sliced open that night by the violent and crazed elderly man. They must surely be suffering from PTSD after that life-threatening ordeal.  It's a good thing they had their Tasers and 12 gauge bean bags or they might not have gone home that night.
The Cook County medical examiner reported that Wrana bled to death internally from injuries caused when the elderly man was shot in the stomach with a 12-gauge shotgun that fired a bag filled with lead shot.
Must have been those "non lethal" bean bags the cops like to deploy. Oh wait...
Grapsas said he was told “there were between five and seven police officers” at the scene.
That's it? Only 5 to 7 brave hero cops to stop the one crazy 95-year-old WWII combat veteran armed with a cane and a shoe horn? They should feel lucky they got to go home that night instead of landing on the slab at the morgue. They had no other choice but to save their own lives against a wicked elderly shoe horn slashing or a caning of a lifetime that caved their skulls in.
The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit is investigating the incident.
Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit? BWAHAHAHAHA! Talk about a contradiction of terms.Who the hell came up with that name? Must have been a magician of some kind. Everyone knows that the words Police and Integrity don't belong in the same sentence together.
“Attempts were made verbally to have the resident comply with demands to drop the articles, to no avail,” the police statement said. “The resident then armed himself with a 12-inch butcher type kitchen knife.”
A knife? Huh? Well that's mighty convenient for the police after they killed the man wouldn't you say??
But Grapsas told the Tribune the staff and Wrana’s family said they never saw a butcher knife in his room.
Maybe someone needs to tell Mr. Grapsas that he is wasting his time and spinning his wheels questioning the official police statement's and account of what went down leading up to their murdering of an elderly man who fought for his country and survived WWII combat to be murdered by America's biggest street gang.
Now Wrana’s family is desperate for an explanation.
As they should be.
“I want answers,” his 74-year-old step-daughter said. “I want someone held accountable.”
Don't hold your breath for that police accountability thing. The largest street gang in America is a Thin Blue Line and they are above the law. If anything, look to see a few promotions when it's all said and done and after the wave of lies and bullshit recedes and the smoke finally clears...


Anonymous said...

"If I had a Grandfather he would look like John Wrana"- Barrack Obama. "Oh wait, he's a white guy? Never mind."

Anonymous said...

I would sue the ever living shit out of the city and then i would go after the asshole shooting beanbags personally. I would sue him for everything he has too. I don't care if the old man did have a knife, even though he probably did not, its still no excuse for a group of 5-7 officers to approach tbe situation as if the 95 year-old man could have overpowered them in his condition. If that was a possibility then those cops really are pussies that should never have passed the PD's fitness exam in the first place, not to mention the psychological one.

Gregory said...

I copied this to my facebook page. Gave your blogsite the credit though. I hope a bunch of people read it. Good job on the writing.

Truth said...

The only good cop, is a dead cop.