Tuesday, August 27, 2013

America's Finest Ferals

They're teaching them hate at a young age, very similar to the Palestinians teaching their young to hate the Jews. I predict a full blown race war is going to erupt in our inner cities within the next decade. America's feral black population is sinking into barbarism and will ultimately isolate themselves from the rest of society. The Cooncracker and the rest of his communist race hounds can implement all the "diversity" regulations they want, but it won't change a thing. The American black illegitimacy rate exceeds 70% and not a single father in sight. Someone tell me how you bring a feral race back to civilization.

BTW, who the fuck lets their little girl ride on the street alone? We're doomed.


Anonymous said...

Her methhead momma is probably passed out and pulling a train with every 'buck' in da hood is why she's out there alone.

Fukitol said...

Better question. Who is silly enough to think a historically feral race was ever civilized to begin with?

Anonymous said...

The reason they sold their own people to whites was that they didnt want them around either. Wonder if we can get a refund.