Friday, August 23, 2013

Learn To Swim...

It's over. Deep down I've known it for years, but I still held out a little hope that sanity would kick insanity's ass and Commiefornia would miraculously recover from the decades of being under DimocRAT tyranny. No such luck. The Queen Cunt of Commiefornia, Dianne Frankenstein, along with her elitist cohorts in Suckramento, have stepped up their attack on the Constitutional rights of gun owners and delivered a massive blow that I don't think is possible to recover from. At least not until Suckramento has been completely reduced to ashes and tyrants publicly hanged from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. 

This shit is absolutely insane to me. These fucking idiots who have turned the once Golden State into the Turd Brown State it is now deserve nothing but the finest gallows an illegal ailen can build. Let's just start crankin' them out one after another. There's a lot of people in this state at all levels of government who are worthy of a public hanging. I'll even donate some lumber. Fuck!

On Wednesday, the state Assembly Appropriations Committee heard four anti-gun bills. These bills were all sent to the Assembly Appropriations Committee suspense file to be heard later this month. These bills will be “held” and not heard again until the last two days of the committee deadline. 
All of this legislation has already passed in its legislative chamber of origin, so time is quickly running out to stop these onerous and misguided anti-gun bills. Please forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow sportsmen, gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, because it will take everyone in California calling AND e-mailing state legislators to stop this egregious attack on law-abiding citizens.
Insane I tell you. Just fucking insane! I'll highlight some key verbiage they use. Be on the lookout for some of this wording or phrasing to be introduced into some SB's in your state in the near future. The insanity that goes on in this shitty state usually finds it way to other parts of the country sooner or later. None of this is being done to keep "the children safe" and none of this will do a gotdamn thing to reduce crime or prevent "another Sandy Hook" from happening. This is all just more lies and empty promises from elitist politicians, and more tyranny for the Citizens in the Turd Brown State of Commiefornia.
Senate Bill 374 (Steinberg) bans the sale of all semiautomatic centerfire rifles with a detachable magazine, even with bullet buttons attached and redefines these firearms as “assault weapons.” This legislation would ban most common hunting rifles including the Marlin Camp Carbines (.45acp and 9mm), Remington M81 “Woodmaster, Winchester M1905, BAR MK II, BAR Short Trac, Ruger Mini 14, Ruger Ranch Rifle, M1 Carbine, just to name a few of the rifles that are affected by this gun ban. SB 374 would also require registration of currently owned detachable magazine rifles.
So now they're going to just redefine "assault weapon" in their war on the 2nd Amendment? Their current use of the bullshit term didn't cover enough firearms for them so now they just redefine "assault weapon." How liberal of them. If that's not tyranny than what the fuck is?  Next time they redefine the word are they going to include all rifles that have triggers? Maybe iron sights will be a characteristic that makes the rifle a scawwwwwy "assault weapon" next time around? WTF!

They want to ban the future sale of these rifles and if you currently own one you're expected to register it. Good luck with that assholes! Sure there will be a few who do, maybe 20%, but most people who bought AR-15s in the last few years have done so because they knew this kind of tyrannical bullshit was coming. You think they're going to voluntarily tell you that they have one?
Senate Bill 396 (Hancock) bans the possession of all standard capacity magazines over ten rounds and would require confiscation of these magazines that are currently lawfully possessed.
California - Turning honest gun owners into criminals one law at a time.
Senate Bill 567 (Jackson) redefines shotguns to include any firearm that may be fired through a rifled bore or smooth bore, regardless of whether it is designed to be fired from the shoulder. SB 567 also bans the sale of shotguns that have a revolving cylinder and requires registration of these currently owned shotguns.
So now they're redefining "shotgun" to suit their anti-gun agenda too. Again, good luck assholes with getting more than a handful of fucking idiots to register their shotguns.  
Senate Bill 683 (Block) expands California’s handgun safety certificate requirement to apply to all firearms, and would prohibit anyone from purchasing or transferring any firearm without a firearm safety certificate.
This is just a revenue generator for Jerry fucking Brown's bankrupt Brown Turd State. Give the state money to take some stupid fucking test to be able to buy a handgun, or in the case of SB683 any firearm. Just another tax for gun owners to pay. Currently, if you want to buy a handgun at your local gun shop in this liberal shithole, you have to pay $25 (it might be more now) and pass a written test first. Once you have the California Handgun Safety Certificate then you kinda have the right to be able to defend yourself with a handgun. Oh did I mention that the Certificate is only good for five years? After that you have to give the state another $25 and take the test again. Now Commiefornia wants that to be a requirement to purchase any firearm. Gotta fund those elitist political dinners and vacations somehow yannow?

..."but it's for the children..."  (SPIT!)

Fuck you Commiefornia! Fuck you anti-gun tyrants up there in Suckramento coming up with more ways to fuck over the honest, law abiding Commiefornia Citizens. Fuck you Feinstein! Fuck you Boxer! Fuck you Pelosi! Fuck you Leland Yee! Fuck you Kevin de León! Fuck you Steinberg! Fuck you Jackson! Fuck you Block! Fuck you Hancock! Fuck all the rest of you anti-gun bigots who dishonor your OATH to the Constitution every day you wake up alive, and fuck you people that keep voting for these assholes!

Learn to fuckin' swim!


Anonymous said...

WTF do you stay in that shithole then? Move to Tejas and get on with your life. Sure, the weather isn't as nice, but at least you won't risk popping vein in your forehead and bleeding out from state govt induced stress. Man the fuck up and move the fuck out or STFU!

I mean all this in a nice way too. Come on out, we got room for more people who think like you do!:)

kerrcarto said...

I think you set an f-bomb record. Now that is an accomplishment!

CharlieDelta said...

If it was as easy as you apparently think it is I would've been long gone a long time ago, but it's not. And "man'ing up" has nothing to do with it.

kerrcarto said...

Never STFU! When you STFU. You lose.

Anonymous said...

Hey, like I said, I was pulling your chain a bit is all. But, please come if the opportunity presents itself. I love to visit Kali, but I love getting on the plane to come home more! I imagine if I had to live there I would run my own website and would vent on a daily basis as you do! Carry on Sir.

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