Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FOD: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy

As our Nobel prize winner marches us toward yet another senseless war, let's at least understand who the Syrian rebels are. Apparently, most are subhuman Muslim sand monkeys, but at least we can sleep better at night knowing that a terrorist dictator will no longer have the ability to gas fellow terrorists. Looks like we'll be asking our military to fight for Al Qaeda in a Syrian civil war. I think the real enemy is in Washington, DC. Perhaps our carrier groups should chart a course to Chesapeake Bay, instead.

If you support a military strike against Syria, you support Al Qaeda. Do not ask our military to fight for our enemy.

Save Earth: let Muslims kill each other.


TomR,armed in Texas said...

A B-52 strike on Washington DC would solve so many problems. Of course it would have to be on one of the few days obama is not on vacation.

kerrcarto said...

Interesting article.


Craig said...

What arts and crafts class did he custom make thatupside down staff sergeant's rank?

Anonymous said...

Holy shit you're right Craig!! Good catch man and I'm embarrassed I didn't notice that. Douchebag removed.