Tuesday, October 22, 2013


BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Mark Fuckerberg banned me from Facebook. There was an incident involving this article. In the comments section, I was "admiring" the rich white bureaucrat lifestyle in Washington, DC. Some dude questioned why I would insert race into my comment. I politely reminded him that the author of the article started it....then I called him a Cracker. And then I got banned for 12 hours!! LMAO!!! I'm just about done with facebook. It's easy for keeping up with friends and wasting a lot of fucking time but, seriously, we gotta move on.


Fukitol said...

What is this thing called Farcebook, that you write about?

angrymike said...

I quit that a long time ago, never had the pleasure of being banned, you damn cracka......... ;-D

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