Friday, November 8, 2013

Can You Hear That?

It's the sound of the fat lady singing and it's music to my ears... 

Ah this just makes me smile and laugh large knowing that liberals progressives the fucking enemy is going to be soiling themselves uncontrollably (well, more than they normally do) and have themselves in a panic trying to figure out a futile plan to somehow regulate and control something that is impossible for them to control. 3-D printing has come a long way in a short period of time and that only means good things for us peasants.

You can read the story here. It's also where I swiped the YouTube video.

I'm usually not one to make predictions for anything, but I call this game over for the left the gun grabbers the fucking enemy. The treasonous fucks in DC, the Brady Kooks and that cunt who started Mom's Demand Anal err...Action probably already have their panties in a twist over this. That makes me smile even more knowing that there's not one fucking thing they can do to stop it.

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