Saturday, January 3, 2015

Not A Word


Anonymous said...

Isn't is horrible that this IS the United States of today.
You do not dare talk to a cop for fear of being pinged upon for something.
Pray for the meteors to come so that God can sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... i am fucking speechless. Absofuckingluteley BRILLIANT.

Stuart Garfath. Sydney Australia. said...

Unfortunately, here in Australia, it is an offence to refuse a roadside breathalyser test, you will be placed under arrest and taken to the police Station, where you MUST undergo a much more accurate breath test, which you also cannot refuse to perform, or you will be charged and held.
The upside?, if pulled over here in Australia, and you or your car smell of booze or Mary Jane, you will be ASKED to demonstrate that you are sober or not affected by drugs, and pretty much without exception, (except if you are acting like a know-it-all bush lawyer self righteous dickhead), if you are clear, you will be free to go on your way, and it goes without saying, your vehicle must be roadworthy, if it isn't, the defects will be ticketed, and depending on the degree of vehicle not-compliance, you can go on your way, or if the vehicle is NOT roadworthy, you will have to leave it and continue your journey via other means.

Bottom line about all of the above is, here in Oz, 99.99% of the time, if you give due respect to the coppers, you will be accorded the same, they're human, (refer to % scale), just like the rest of us.

That is my personal experience over the years, for what its worth.