Friday, September 11, 2015

What The FUCK Is This?

I saw this billboard on the way home from work tonight and could not believe what I was seeing. Who the fuck is responsible for this abomination? Who approved this fucking billboard?

"Celebrating hispanic values and the Marines who act upon them."


Celebrating what? What's going on? Did I miss something? Since when did United States Marines start celebrating "hispanic values" exactly? Or better yet, when did US Marine values start becoming individualized? Based on ethnicity? Did I miss the memo? Who came up with this bullshit?

What does this sign even mean?

Is there a US Marine out there that can help me understand exactly what the fuck this sign is all about? Is there a Marine recruiting station in Tijuana I haven't heard of? I'm confused as to why US Marines are celebrating and acting upon "hispanic" values rather than "AMERICAN" values.

Is this the new motto of the Marine Corps?

What the fuck has happened to my country?

By the is September 11th. 

Never forgive!  Never forget!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it is probably the current 'commandant' who thinks that if recruiters are attacked (ala Chattanooga) they should hide behind wall dividers or something. Goes along with the mentality that Armed Forces should not be armed, or something.

JeremyR said...

Dang, I the last time I remember the Marines acting on Hispanic values, we got the Line "From the halls of Montezuma".....Does this mean we are counter invading Messico?

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Tim said...

Life for a slave under hispanic masters was an average of 3 years, some proud tradition there.